Today is LDOC – Last Day of Classes.  Depending on your perspective, this could be a blessed day: *finally* you are finished with some class you needed to take but wasn’t necessarily a great love (I had one of those this semester, so I feel all your Deacs who are in this boat).  Or maybe it is a sad day: you love the professor or the subject matter and hate to have to move on.

All that’s left now are the finals – whether that is a final exam, one last paper or project, whatever. Reading Day is tomorrow; essentially that is just a day to study – this year it is falling on a Saturday rather than a Friday.  And then final exams start on Monday.

Do you remember Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent?  He’d hold the envelope up to his head and – using his great psychic powers – divine the answer to a question or statement that was sealed in an envelope, which he’d then open and read.  Here’s a Wake finals Carnac for you:

carnac[holding envelope to temple]:  Wake up and smell the coffee

[opens envelope]: What you experience in the morning when your roommate has pulled an all-nighter studying

To all of you groaning over that bad joke, don’t worry, I plan to keep my day job and not branch out into comedy.

In all seriousness, I can divine a few things about your Deacs during finals and as they return home for break:

Depending on their personalities and how they manage stress, your during-finals Deacs might be short-tempered, terse, stressed, weepy, weary, or any combination of the above (and they may shift from one to the other).  Be patient and kind with them.  Send an encouraging text to them – not with answers on what to do to prep for exams, but with reassurances that you know they will do their best and that they are capable, and that you love them unconditionally.  You could also send a Deacon Greeting wishing them luck.

When they do come home for Winter Break, they might be dog tired and sleep for way longer periods than they might have in high school. That is them recharging their batteries.  Be patient with that too.

They may bring home what I affectionately refer to “Laundry Mountain” – a giant pile of laundry. Whether you do the laundry for your Deac or make him/her do it is up to you 🙂

Finally, as we close out this week’s Daily Deacs, a few reminders:

If your Deac is living off-campus, here are some security tips from Residence Life and Housing and University Police.

Our Deacs play in the College Cup tonight in Houston at 6 pm Eastern.  Wear your black and gold and pull hard for them!  Unless my house is on fire, I will be planted on my couch streaming it online. Go Deacs!




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