A peek behind the curtain

12-16-16-colton-picYesterday I was fortunate to receive an email from an intrepid Daily Deac reader with a picture taken by her Deac.  This is a picture of the Farrell Hall Living Room at 2:02 am, when senior Colton Bina (’17) realized he was the last student to leave the building.

There is much to love about this picture.  It’s an interesting angle, literally and figuratively.  I would never be in Farrell at 2 am, so this is a glimpse behind the curtain of WFU after dark.  Many thanks to Colton for supplying it!

Speaking of pictures and being the last to leave, many thanks to all of you who participated in yesterday’s poll about when your Deacs were leaving.  Here’s a snapshot of your replies.  12-16-16-poll

And finally, here is a picture from me to you.  A few years ago, I gave myself the gift of not sending out paper Christmas cards because the process just stressed me out and I didn’t feel like I had enough bandwidth to do it.  So my friends and family get one online card, but I wanted to send one to all the Daily Deac-ers out there.

There are about 2,000 of you subscribe to the Daily Deac and there is no way for me to know all your names and addresses, but please know that I wish all of you and your families the very best during the holidays!

An e-card from the Daily Deac, wishing all our reader families a very happy holidays!


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