Blast from the Past

Since I am at a conference this week, I thought it might be fun to cast your memories back to what was happening this week when your Deacs were just babies and toddlers.  So here’s a look at things that were happening on November 15th 1995-1998 (which I hope, if I did the math right – always questionable! – would capture the years of our first-years through seniors).

bono frankNovember 15, 1995 – In the news, 800,000 federal workers are sent home on a budget impasse.  Top TV shows included ER, Seinfeld, and Monday Night Football.  And, because Frank and Bono are my very, very favorites: “A host of music stars and others join Frank Sinatra for his 80th birthday bash. The event, at LA’s Shrine Auditorium featured Tony Bennett, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and on tape – U2’s  Bono.”  See the full list.

November 15, 1996 – OJ Simpson’s civil trial takes place.  Lou Holtz announces he will retire as Notre Dame’s football coach. Robert Downey Jr. hosts Saturday Night Live, his first appearance after his drug arrest.  TV shows that were popular are still ER and Seinfeld.  See the full list.

contestNovember 15, 1997 – In world politics, the UN orders weapons inspectors back into Iraq.  ER and Seinfeld continue to dominate TV. Home Improvement is the #3 show. A report says that the late Princess Diana had been considered to star in the movie The Bodyguard.  See the full list.

November 15, 1998 – The Federal Reserve sets the interest rate at 4.75%, the lowest it’s been in years.  Sammy Sosa is the National League MVP of the year in baseball. Are you sick of ER yet? Neither is America – it’s still at the top spot, with Friends at #2.  See the full list.

Hope this gave you a little look back into what was going on in the world of news and entertainment when your Deac was a wee one.  Thanks to Mr. Pop Culture for the comprehensive review of past years!

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