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Daily Deac-ers, I had been waiting today to post whatever news was being announced about Thursday’s Clinton-Obama campaign event that was supposed to take place on Hearn Plaza.  The Winston-Salem Journal is reporting this afternoon that the event has been moved and is now going to take place at the LJVM Coliseum.  (4:09 this just in from Wake about it).

While I am sorry that it won’t be on campus (just from the perspective that it would have been easier for your students to get there if they wanted to see it), having had vice presidents and former first ladies on campus before, it does create a bit of a logistical nightmare in terms of campus disruptions.

College campuses are always interesting in presidential election years.  College in general is a place to discuss, debate, chew on the big questions, learn from people like you as well as unlike you.  That can get really amped up in election years, but it is important to note that while not everyone shares the same opinions or political perspectives, we are a campus community dedicated to diversity of thought.

North Carolina is being called a battleground state in the election – not sure we have ever been called that since I have lived here.  No matter who your Deacs want to vote for, it is hard to deny that we are currently in the midst of very interesting times – ones that political scientists, pollsters, and pundits will be writing about for years.  Tons of learning opportunities everywhere!

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