Had the good fortune to be outside late morning. The weather could not be better. Very few clouds, warm in the sun (but not so warm you feel like you are going to sweat), coolish air.  There are some trees (mostly maples) whose leaves are starting to turn red.  I see more of the red trees off campus than on, but give us time. Another couple weeks and the fall foliage should be lovely.

Less lovely is our 5-day forecast.  Sure, it will be 87 tomorrow, but rainy late week and a high of only 61? This seems a cruel trick for Fall Break (which is really a misnomer – as it is only one day off, just Friday, but that is another post).

I took a peek in our photo archive to see what’s out there of late. There are a number of great pics with interesting angles, or that were taken at times of day I am not here (plus, they are far better than what I can do with my iPhone). So enjoy a few glimpses of these artsy shots.

Archway toward the North Campus Dining Hall.

The sun rises over the North Campus Dining Hall.

Studying in the ZSR.

A student studies on a balcony overlooking the atrium of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library.

Miller Center at twilight

The Miller Center and the track glow in the predawn light.

Walking the catwalk between the old section of the library and the Wilson Wing.

The atrium of the Z. Smith Reynolds Library.

The Mag Patio.

A Wake Forest professor walks across the Magnolia Patio on campus early in the morning .

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