Thursday Miscellany

Today is a bit of potluck blogging for us, with a few random and varied items of business for you.

Family Communications Survey
We sent out a Family Communications Survey yesterday to families of current sophomores, juniors, and seniors (sorry, first year families, but since you are so new to us, we did not want to ask for feedback before you have been with us long enough to weigh in on all our communications. Trust me that you will get it next year!).

So for our upperclassmen families, we’d love for you to take a few minutes and complete the survey if you received it, because your feedback on our communications is so helpful in understanding your needs and how we can better serve you.  If you did not receive the survey, it is most likely because it ended up in your spam folder or junk email box. We unfortunately cannot control how all of your internet service providers will read our email (some think we are spam), so it is worth checking your spam filter and marking us as a ‘safe sender’ or ‘not junk.’  If you try that and still can’t find it, and you are a sophomore, junior, or senior parent or family member, you can access the survey here.

I also have a couple of tidbits from ARAMARK/Campus Dining for you:

Green To-Go Boxes
Do your students know about the Green To-Go Box program?  When a student enters the Pit or North Dining Hall, he/she can ask the cashier for a box and it is a $5 charge taken from his/her food dollars. Then after the meal or the next day, the student can return his/her dirty box for a clean box at each entry. At the end of the semester or at any time during the semester, the student can return the box and get the $5 back. This is a great effort to keep the campus green and eliminate the use of styrofoam waste.

Deacon Dining Promotion
If you upgrade your meal plan to a larger tier, you can get free food dollars added to your students account! After the upgrade is complete, you just have to send you students to Reynolda Hall Room 12 to have the added food dollars uploaded to their account, or you can call 336-758-5607 to have them added!

1 tier- $30 free food dollars

2 tier- $60 free food dollars

3 tier- $90 free food dollars

Please reach out to with any questions regarding the promotion! Keep an eye out for the upcoming care pack promotion for your students (coming in October).

It’s still hot here. Like low 90s hot. I’d sure like for one of y’all in temperate climates to send us some low-70s for a change.

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