Seen (Briefly) on the Quad

Very quick Daily Deac today.  I had a midday meeting and had to walk to the Quad, and when I arrived I saw a giant bouncy house being inflated on the Quad.

There were other stations that were being set up – one was giant chess pieces, one looked like the old game Connect 4 (with the checkers sliding into slots to form columns), etc.  Balloons were on the railings.

There were signs for “EKS Day” – nor sure what that stands for, but it appears to be a philanthropy effort from some various Greek groups (as seen on the Thank You sign).

After my meeting, I went back on the Quad and saw tons of youngish people partaking in the games. I did not take pictures of them, as I was in a hurry.   Also saw a sign for tonight’s soccer game.

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