Reynolda Village

Today is beautiful – sunny and a bit more on the warmish side than I would care for. Even though the calendar says September, the weather today is high 80s. Here’s to hoping we get mid 70s in the not too distant future.

Because it was such a nice day, I had the great fortune to have a “walking meeting” this morning. If you have not tried it, a walking meeting is meeting while moving: instead of sitting at a desk or a conference table talking to someone, you walk and talk. Gets the blood flowing, helps some people feel more relaxed, or creative. So my walking meeting took us to Reynolda Village.

I cannot recommend this walk enough to your Deacs. Depending on where you start from campus, it takes maybe 10-20 minutes to reach the Village, where there are tons of good shops. For your Deacs looking for a new place to eat, they should look at Mei Wei, which is a fried dumpling and sesame noodles place. It is absurd good. One of my favorite places. There are a couple of tiny tables indoors and a couple outdoors. But trust me – you don’t go for the atmosphere, you go for the dumplings.

If you want to venture farther up the path, you get to the glorious Reynolda House, Museum of American Art. Students can get in free with student ID. At some point your Deacs need to go – or you do when you come for Family Weekend or another visit. But even if you don’t go inside the historic house and museum, you can enjoy the grounds.

There are many people who believe that a good walk outdoors helps clear the stresses and anxieties out of your head, and I am one of those believers. So if your Deacs call or text [or whatever kids do nowadays] and they seem a little blue or out of sorts, suggest a nice walk on our beautiful campus. It can do wonders for the spirit.


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