Wonk Factoids – New Student Receptions Roundup

Still out on PTO trying to rest up before Move-In Day.  The Office of Family Engagement’s biggest job every summer is to plan the New Student Receptions we hold across the country.  We have a lot of fun at these events and hope you do too.

Because I am a wonk for factoids, here are a few about our 2016 New Student Receptions:

31 New Student Receptions sponsored by our office.

5 receptions that were “all call” events for alumni, parents, and friends that new students or families attended; they are not pictured on the map below, as some were sponsored by the Office of Alumni Engagement

20 WFU staff members served as NSR hosts

1,690 students, parents and families, WFU staff, and alumni registered to attend a New Student Reception.  This represents 36% of first-year students (note that we usually had a cancellation or two at each event, and at the very big events not everyone signed in, so we don’t have an exact count of attendees)

43,178 miles traveled from W-S to all the receptions and back

Finally, here is a map of the New Student Reception cities for those of us who are visual people (a couple of the NE points on the map overlap, but this was the best I could do to show the whole country at once)2016 NSR map

Many thanks to all our NSR hosts, to my great colleagues who were willing to be Road Warriors all summer, to our upperclassmen/women who attended, and to all the new students and families who attended!

— by Betsy Chapman
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