Who Students Should Call When They Have an Issue

First a disclaimer – we sent out the Wake Parents and Families email today, and the link for the Family Weekend website turns out to be an old version of the site.  The correct URL is: https://familyweekend.wfu.edu/.  Apologies for any inconvenience.

We’re continuing to use some Daily Deac space with practical, tactical tips for the coming year.  This one is about who students should contact if  they have issues.

Academic or schedule issues: the Office of Academic Advising provides support for students’ academic paths.

rlh pageFacilities issues (such as something wrong with their residence hall room):  there is a Facilities Request Form at the bottom left of the Residence Life and Housing page.  Students must log in with their WFU credentials.

Roommate issues: the best first step is for roommates to talk to each other to try and work it out.  The next step is going to their RA (Resident Adviser) for assistance or mediation.

Health issues: the Student Health Service is the place to go if a student is ill (and they provide a variety of other services too).

Safety/crime issues: students should contact University Police to report any crime or safety issues they have experienced.  University Police can connect students with appropriate additional resources.  They are a great first source.

Those are not an exhaustive list, by the way – just a few of the big areas with which students might need assistance.  There are TONS of other resources on campus, and if a student is not sure where to turn, he/she could talk to an RA (Resident Adviser), a member of the staff/administration, etc. for help getting started.

Also important to note that as often as possible, students should be the ones to chase down their issues/problems, not the parents or family members (remember our office mantra of Stop, Drop, and Roll).  There was a great article in the Chronicle of Higher Education – “College as ‘Practice for Life‘” that talks about the importance of students finding their own answers to situations.  Worth a read.

— by Betsy Chapman
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