Monday Impressions

We had a monster rainstorm lastnight – which was very much needed, as we have been sunny and hot for days on end.

Here are a few, quick impressions of campus today:


hot, muggy, humid, sweaty

Activity on campus:

furniture being unloaded near Babcock and Luter – looked to be new chairs, maybe for lounges?

lots of kids wandering around – maybe the last camp or two?

not a ton of people in the Benson Center Food Court or Shorty’s – a quiet day for food service


outdoor football practice field turf is down and it looks really good

nearly all the window arches have been cut out of the Reynolds Gym facade (sorry, no pics today)

still tons of black temporary fencing blocking entrance to the Kitchin-Poteat parking lot

Hard to believe it’s August 1st and we’re now at T-minus 25 days until Move-In for the Class of 2020!


— by Betsy Chapman
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