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As we continue with some tips for students – particularly our newest ones – I am reminded of the fact that sometimes our first-year students are so used to being on the south side of campus, they might not realize all the eateries that are tucked away on the north side and in our professional school buildings. So I thought I’d mention some of the places on campus where students can go when they get tired of the Pit and the Benson Center Food Court.

The campus map is online:  We’ll use this for reference points.

North Campus Dining Hall (#63 on the map) – two sit down options here:

Bistro ’34, which is the nicest and fanciest of our sit-down eateriess.  They do great entrees and salads – I am particularly fond of their salmon quinoa salad and their Asian chicken salad.  I feel like students underutilize this place.

Hill Top Market – which I am told is also called “New Pit” by students.  They typically have lots of fresh fruit, salads, wraps, as well as entrees that might vary by day.

For students in a hurry, you can also go to North Dining Hall Starbucks (full service) and the POD market, which has grab and go options as well as a grocery store style selection if you want to bring stuff to your room.

Farrell Hall (#60 on the map) – really only one food game in town here, but it’s a good one, Einstein’s Bros Bagels.  While Farrell Hall is the business school, it is not restricted to business students – and is a popular place for students to eat and study.

Zick’s in Poteat Hall (#23 on map) – this is a place for pizza, pub games like pool, and a nice patio for socializing, dining al fresco, and more.

Subway in Davis Hall (#4 on map) – everyone knows Subway, and there is also a POD market with to-go type groceries for those on the run.

Shorty’s in the Benson Center (#6 on map) – in the same area as the Benson Food Court is Shorty’s, our other sit-down, table service restaurant. Pro tip: get the Mr. Wake Forest burger and sweet potato fries.  Shorty’s also offers a host of great evening programming, such as Tuesday Trivia, open mic nights, and more.

Law School Commons in the Worrell Professional Center (#32 on map) – there is a great food option here.  They do paninis and soups and have a variety of other food items.  I want to say they have pastries in the morning but I can’t be 100%.  Do not let the fact that it is the Law School (read: mostly students in their early/mid 20s) keep you away.  Good food to be had – also a nice change of scene.

Of course there are the basic food places that nearly everyone uses: the Pit in Reynolda Hall, our main cafeteria (try the brick oven pizza and made to order omelets); the Mag Room on the 2nd floor of Reynolda Hall, which offers nicer buffet dining (self-serve); the Benson Center Food Court (hello, Moe’s Southwest and Chick Fil A!); and the ZSR Starbucks.  I’d urge your students to try all the places they can – they might find new and delightful favorites in a previously-unknown dining venue!

— by Betsy Chapman
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