FDOC and the Five Senses of the Quad

Today is affectionately referred to as FDOC (First Day of Classes) and it is a spectacular day, at least weather wise.  Sunny, warm if you are in the sun, cool if you are in the shade, and a light breeze. You can check out the various cams on campus (Quad Cam, Miller Center, and/or BB&T Field cam).

Because the weather is so beautiful – and because I wanted to revive one of your most-commented upon Daily Deac themes – this will be a Five Senses blog post.  Here is what I observed from my walk from Alumni Hall up to the Quad, where I took a perch at a green bistro table around 10:45 am.

I see…

A few recurring themes in our female students’ fashion choices: short dresses, gladiator sandals, sleevless trapeze tops, and those high-low dresses that I like to call Mullet Dresses (though I know that is not their real name) – short in the front, longer in the back.

A tour group standing in front of Reynolda Hall. I spy a dad taking a picture.

A big dragonfly hovering over the Quad grass.

Two girls hug each other excitedly – clearly they had not seen each other since the return of school.

Virtually everyone walking on the Quad has a phone in his/her hand, unless there is another person with them.  Then they talk.

Students carrying armloads of books – or a bag – from the direction of the Bookstore.  Textbooks, no doubt.

A guy with an intricate arm tattoo.

Guy fashion tends to run towards the WFU t-shirt or hat range, or khaki shorts.  Very few people – male or female – are in long pants or jeans.

Backpacks on nearly every student.  Earbuds for many of the solo walkers. One or two have big headphones.

Continuous activity on the Quad – there is never a moment I don’t see someone walking, or groups of people talking.

A girl on a scooter.

A yellowjacket trying to fly near my hand.  (I’m not amused).

A trailing bit of toilet paper from one of the Quad trees, fluttering in the breeze. This was from the Making of a Demon Deacon on Saturday for the first-years.

I hear…

A hacking, terrible sounding cough, and this snippet of conversation: Girl 1: “You sound terrible!”  Girl 2: “Yes, I’ve had a sinus infection for like two months. I finally went to Student Health yesterday.”

Girl: “Sorry not sorry.”

Laughter from a group walking together.

Two girls: “Only three more spots left open for fall tryouts…”

A guy: “That sucks!”  His friend: “It’s hard, but you just got to suck it up and do it!”

The caw-ing of some kind of bird that is not a crow. There were a bunch in the trees near my seat.

A friendly hello from a colleague of mine who works in the Pit. She tells me that they have added some new stuff: a yogurt bar, two omelet stations in the morning (instead of one) to make it quicker for the kids, the pasta station is back, the Southern kitchen menu has been redone, and there is now some new station about ‘true balance’ or something that sounds healthy. She tells me I need to come in and taste test.

A girl with a lilting, friendly voice saying “It was good to meet you!”

Girl 1: “Hey! How are you?” Girl 2: “Tired.” Girl 1: “How are you already tired?! I’ve been up since 5 am!”

Guy on the phone to someone: “So I dropped Anthro. I think you’re right, it’ll be…” [unintelligble as he gets out of earshot]

Sound of chainsaws in the distance.  Or maybe it is the sound of leaf blowers.

“S’up, dude? Where are you headed?”

Some chirpy insects that sound like they are in the trees.

A greeting from a local alumnus I know who was taking a walk on campus trying to get his steps in.

I feel…

Warm in the sunlight. Almost too hot if you are in a black shirt (which I am).

Much cooler in the shade. The bistro tables outside of Kitchin are perfectly shaded.

A light breeze – feels fantastic.

The slightly rough feel of the bistro tabletop as I write. It’s not as rough as a cat’s tongue, but it is also not perfectly smooth either.

I smell…

Perfume as two girls walk by. It’s fresh and clean smelling. I find myself wishing I knew what the scent was. It’s delightful.

Cut grass.


I taste…

Nothing, regrettably 🙂

That’s it for our Five Senses of the Quad!  Hope this helped all our Deac families feel like you were on the Quad with me.

Finally, Dr. Hatch shared his beginning-of-the-semester email with the campus community.  You can read it here.  Also remember that all campuswide emails (to students, faculty, and staff) are posted on the main Parents and Families page: scroll down and it will be on the bottom right under the heading ‘Family News’ in the grey shaded box.

— by Betsy Chapman
for questions or comments about the Daily Deac, email parents@nullwfu.edu

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