Great Washington Post Article on What Professors Don’t Want

I am out on PTO until Move-In Day this Friday, so I am pre-posting a few articles in my absence.

Brief aside and explanation: when I know I am going to be on vacaction, I frequently schedule posts for the days where I will be absent.  And occasionally while I am gone, something “big” happens on campus, and people ask me afterwards why I did not blog about said big news.  It’s not because I am here and ignoring news, it’s because I am away from the office 🙂

First up this week is an article from the Washington Post.  This is “The 7 Things New College Students Don’t Know that Drive Professors Crazy.”  This was not written by a WFU faculty member, but it is still filled with good info.  Even if your student is a sophomore, junior, or senior – this could be a good reminder now that the school year is about to begin.  Share with your Deacs as you see fit.

— by Betsy Chapman
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