Reminder About Tuition – Due August 1

Today’s Daily Deac is an important reminder – tuition is due on August 1st.

Financial and Accounting Services has provided some handy Q&A and links to help you through the process if you need it.

How are families notified when tuition is due?
Wake Forest uses an electronic online billing system called DEAC (Deacon Electronic Account Center).

Each month, an e-bill notification is e-mailed to students at their Wake Forest University e-mail address.  An e-mail notification is also sent at the same time to valid e-mail addresses for each authorized payer that has been granted access to DEAC by their student.

If you are not receiving email reminders for e-bills, it is most likely because your student has not yet granted access to you for their DEAC account. Once your student grants access, you will receive an email reminder about e-bill at the e-mail address that your student enters for you.

NOTE: Because students do not always check their email as regularly as their parents or family members do, it can be easy for students to miss the e-bill email – and if they miss it (and you as a parent don’t know that tuition is due), they can be blocked from class registration or other important processes because tuition and fees have not been paid by the due date.  To avoid those kinds of issues, students should authorize a payer on DEAC.

What does my student need to do to grant me access to the DEAC online payment system?
Please visit the DEAC web site for detailed instructions.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Please visit the billing and payment web site for more information.

— by Betsy Chapman
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