Planning Travel, Particularly Airline Tickets

Before I begin, today is the second to last day of our fiscal year.  If you have not made a gift to the Wake Forest Fund, please do so today (or by end of day tomorrow).  No gift is too big or too small – it’s your participation that counts.  Please help us reach our goal!

Now to business.  Several P’20 families have called or emailed lately with questions about travel home for breaks.  Many have been looking online at the academic calendar and trying to make plane reservations for their students at Thanksgiving or for Winter Break.

It is wonderful for families to be thinking ahead, and even more wonderful that you are finding resources online on your own!   However, please don’t make any airline arrangements yet – and here is why:

Before you make any plane reservations for your student, your student must consult the syllabus for each of his/her classes and discuss the class/exam schedule with the professor.  Students won’t get their syllabus until the first day of classes most likely.

While families can use the academic calendar as a general guideline of when school is out of session, some professors will schedule exams or assignments on the last day of class before break, and some professors have attendance requirements that only allow a certain number of missed classes, and your student is responsible for knowing the specific requirements for his/her classes.  Also, your student must be sure of his/her final exam schedule.  Exam schedules will be posted on theRegistrar’s web site when they are finalized.  NOTE:  for families of young women who plan to go through sorority recruitment in January, please note that their arrival on campus is typically several days before the rest of campus; the Fraternity and Sorority Life web site will have the recruitment schedule later this summer or early fall.

If you must buy airline tickets now, make sure you have the ability to change them, but the better part of prudence (as my P’92 is fond of saying), is to wait until your Deac gets his/her syllabus and can see what the hard and fast dates are.

— by Betsy Chapman



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