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I’m back in the office today after a week of vacay, and there are a few things in the queue of things to tell you.

For our P’20 parents and families, we have a number of New Student Receptions coming up this week and next – I’m looking at you, Florida (Jacksonville and Windermere), Virginia (Richmond), Texas (Houston), and California (Atherton and Kentfield).  If you are a new family and wish to attend, please register online as soon as you can.  We would be especially grateful to have a handful of upperclassmen at each of these events – so if you are a family in the area and your Deac is home for the summer, please encourage him or her to register.

Today is our Wake Forest Fund Blitz Day.  This year our goal is to have 3,000 gifts to the Wake Forest Fund between June 1 and June 21.  If we hit this goal by June 21 at midnight, we will receive a $300,000 matching gift. As of this morning, we already had just shy of 1,000 gifts.  So if you have not made a gift to the Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund, please consider making one.  Your gift could be the one to tip the scales so we get that $300K match, which is huge for us.  You can give securely online here.  Please do give something if you can, however small or big is not the issue – participation is.  [Normally I don’t talk about money here, but this is part of my job to encourage families to donate.  So in addition to helping Wake students and faculty, you’ll be helping my professional reputation when you make a gift 🙂 ]

Finally, for those of you who like the Quad Cam, we have a new toy in town.  This is called WeatherStem, and it give you local weather on campus, as well as a livestream look from the vantage point of the Miller Center. Fiddle around with the links and you can see all the options.

— by Betsy Chapman


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