The Dreaded Overstudying Photo

This picture was taken several years ago during finals.  It is from the library, and was one student’s list of things to do to prep for the exam.



It reads:

– read over notes again

– read over descriptions of articles

– go over flash cards

– read How Sociologists do Research

– go over flash cards again

– go over descriptions of articles again

– read notes again

– review research methods

– go over flash cards

People can have widely differing reactions to this picture and what it represents. To some, it might look organized, to others, it could look like overkill. To some it might represent the epitome of a stressed-out student. I believe I have even heard someone describe this note “poignant.”

Whatever productive methods work for your Deac to get through finals, go for them. But after today they will be finished, and your sons and daughters can head home to you, or head home to the beach, for some R&R.

And we’ll see the ’16s back here for Commencement.

— by Betsy Chapman


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