The Briefest of Reports

Today the campus is having issues with the wifi and our internet access has been on and off – so this will be the briefest of reports.

Summer session starts tomorrow, so we are seeing students back on campus, hooray!  Residence Life will be busy today getting students checked in and the students can get settled in to their rooms before starting class tomorrow.  For those of you with summer session students, you should know that it is a pretty intense time – essentially taking a semester’s worth of classes and covering it in a 6-ish week timeframe.  Summer school students will have a good deal of work to do daily.  Time management – always critical in college – is even more important during summer session.

Things are going to really heat up this week.  After a lot of rain and cooler temps this past week and into this past weekend, we are looking to hit the 90s this week, I believe for the first time this summer.

new students parents menu finalFor our P’20s – parents/families of the Class of 2020 – your students will soon be receiving a hard copy Forestry 101 manual, which will be their guidebook for Orientation and everything they need to do this summer.  There is a parents and families checklist inserted into that book; be sure you get your copy.  If you have not already discovered it, we have a Parents and Families section on the New Students website (see the bottom left purple menu of any page) with lots of stuff you should take a look at – advice, helpful info, etc.

Also for P’20s, we have New Student Receptions that we are planning.  If one is in your area, we’d love to see you.   We typically send an email and a postcard to P’20 families who live within what WFU has designated as that city’s club code – however, you do not have to have received a formal invitation to register.  Any new family can sign up!  We don’t typically mail to folks outside of maybe an hour’s drive from the event because we don’t want to make this seem like a command performance (these receptions are all optional), but don’t let the lack of a formal invite keep you from signing up if you wish to.

Upperclassmen families, we are always looking for some upperclassmen students to attend these receptions to help field Q&A.  Right now I am seeking a few upperclassmen students to attend New Student Receptions in Boston (6/9), Atlanta (6/12) and NYC (6/15 – not yet on the website; see wifi issues above!  hopefully tomorrow).  If your Deac is going to be any of those areas and wants to attend, have him/her email me at with the one they wish to attend.  We only need a few students at each, so I’ll slot them in first-come, first-served.

— by Betsy Chapman

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