Stormy Weather

Yesterday we had a huge storm at the end of the day.  Really high winds, heavy rain, and I hear some parts of Winston got hail (campus included), though I never saw any at my house.  Today the weather has been all over the place – overcast this morning, then there were clouds around 11 am that I swore might produce rain but did not – there were plenty of pockets of sun.  And it was MUGGY.

5 3 16Right now it’s nearly 3:30 and we are having a spectacular downpour, plus thunder.  So much so, you can see the rain on the Quad Cam – that big object towards the top center of this picture is a raindrop getting ready to fall.

If your students have finished finals and are moving out today, they have probably been dodging the threat of bad weather all day.  Hopefully they aren’t caught in this mess.

Soldier on, finals-takers!  The end is in sight now!

— by Betsy Chapman

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