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I was so busy at my office yesterday that 4 pm rolled around and I realized I’d missed the Daily Deac deadline.  Oops! (and sorry).

Here’s a little bit about what I observed on campus yesterday.  It was lovely weather – low 80s and sunny but with a nice light breeze.  Not too humid yet.

20090630meadow8552I took a walk at lunch up through Reynolda Village and by the long green space in front of Reynolda House.  As in some years past, it looks like the landscaping folks are letting these yellow wildflowers grow all over the fields (vs. cutting them down as if they were plain grass.)  The effect is pretty spectacular.  This is a pic from years past to show where we’re headed.  If your Deac is here for summer school, I hope he or she will take a walk out there to get a look at it.  For those of you who are film buffs, it reminds me a bit of the scene in E.M. Forster’s A Room with a View, where they go to a field of tall grass with (if memory serves) cornflower blue blossoms all over.  Ours is yellow, but the effect is still the same.  A beautiful flowered meadow.  What’s not to like?

On my way back, I saw a big picnic happening in the back side of Farrell near the fire pits.  The students who are here for the Summer Management Program (aka business boot camp for non-business majors) were having a group luncheon outdoors.  I hear a lot of great things about that program from students who have done it in the past, so if your Deac might want to go that route in a future summer, here is the link to the program.

Finally, from the Wake Forest Magazine Facebook account, this great picture and quote from one of our recent graduates, Stephen Goddard (’16). I had the good fortune of getting to know him a little during his tenure here, and what a joy to watch him grow and flourish over his four years.  And how wonderful to see him post such a happy reflection:

goddard“One week into post grad life and I have had time to reflect upon my four years at Wake. Many thanks to everyone at Wake for creating an environment that made great friendships and memories and allowed me to grow as an individual! We have been blessed with an education that will propel us forward into a life of service to our communities. I’m excited to see where we all use our talents in order to make our lives and the lives of others a joyful and fulfilled journey.” — @stephen_goddard/Instagram


— by Betsy Chapman

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