All That’s Left

We had a terrible pelting rain this morning – had that happened yesterday, it would have been a disastrous Commencement.  A quick look at the Quad Cam shows that the Commencement chairs and stage are still up as of 3:30 on Tuesday.  Had it been sunny today, you could have watched the dismantling of the stage and the chairs – perhaps you can see it tomorrow.

Most of the staff today is tired. Commencement is an all-hands-on-deck kind of operation, and I heard more than one colleague talk about falling asleep on the couch lastnight at a very early time for them.  It wasn’t just the staff who planned and worked Commencement and the faculty marshals and others who had an early and busy day yesterday; our Residence Life staff had to get all the graduates checked out of their residence halls too.  Busy all around.

Normally as soon as Commencement is over, summer construction projects begin. They will be working on Poteat residence hall this summer, a similar internal makover to the rooms, just as they did with Kitchin last year. There is tons of work going on in and around Reynolds Gym too.

We still have a week before the first session of Summer School starts, and from my perspective, I wish it to be a slow one 🙂

— by Betsy Chapman

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