Spring, Glorious Spring

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day, making it two in a row for stunners. It was sunny, it was cool in the morning then warmed up to a nice low-70s range, and there was a light breeze. It was a day made for being outside, and I hope your Deacs got their fill of sunshine and good weather. It’s hard, very hard, to sit inside or do homework on days like these.

Deac families, looking to you once again for help regarding our incoming Class of 2020. My office plans New Student Receptions, and at each of these receptions we have a few current student panelists to help do Q&A and talk about their WFU experience.

One of the changes in student behavior in recent years is that not everyone goes home for the summer. Many students do internships in other cities (great for them, but it makes it very hard for me to try and invite students from a certain town to their local New Student Reception when they are off hither and yon).

If your Deac is the type that might enjoy being a student panelist at a New Student Reception, please forward this to him or her and ask that they fill out this form.  Filling this out does not obligate them to attend, but it gives me a helpful starting place to look for students in a particular area.  I’d be in touch with details of any receptions in their summer locales.

One more bit of news to share: a Students with Diabetes group is re-establishing its chapter on campus.  Their first meeting will be April 5 at 6 pm in the Student Health Conference Room.  See the flyer for more information:  Students with Diabetes Flyer.

— by Betsy Chapman



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