Shag on the Mag

Shag on the Mag happens tomorrow night, and the SOTM tent is going up today.  This is always a terrific event, with students dressing up and doing shag dancing to beach music, which is a delightful North Carolinian kind of tradition.

You can see some of the pictures of the prep work here.  Also a picture of the Magnolias thrown in for good measure, as one of our Wake Forest Parents Facebook followers had asked to see the magnolias.  Sadly they are not in bloom at present – but when they are, it will be a sight (and scent) to behold.3 31 16 shag 2 3 31 16 shag 3 3 31 16 shag 5 3 31 16 shag

I am hoping that the weather works out for the event. Right now there is some rain predicted, but I would love to see that change so the students can enjoy Shag on the Mag.

And here’s your funny for the day: I once had to explain Shag on the Mag to an Irish parent.  Shag, as you may know, has a very different connotation in Ireland 🙂

— by Betsy Chapman

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