It’s Almost Unfair How Nice the Weather Is

I went out to lunch today to The Porch (which, if your students have not discovered, they need to. Great tex-mex and the best queso in the city).  It was the first time I had been out of my building today, and the weather is absolutely glorious.  What’s it like, you ask?


Light breeze.

Trees are in bloom.  Pink flowers on the prettiest of them.

Daffodils popping up everywhere.

Students in shorts and sundresses, with flip flops and sandals.

You see lots of happy faces – the way you get when it’s such a nice day it just seems to make everything better.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

poll shuttleSo I urge your Deacs to get outside and enjoy this weather. And for those who registered to vote in NC, today is primary day, so I hope they will get to their polling place.  Our College Democrats and College Republicans have a shuttle to take students registered to vote in NC to the voting spot – shuttles run from the Benson Center circle every half hour until 7 pm.

One of the goals of a Wake Forest education is to prepare students to lead lives that matter and to go forth and do for the good of humanity. I would argue that voting matters a great deal and we want our students to be engaged, involved citizens who are voting.  (I don’t even care if you vote for my candidate – I just want you to vote, period!)

Have a Super Tuesday wherever you are, Deac families!

— by Betsy Chapman

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