Busier Than Expected

I had expected that on the Friday before Spring Break that campus would be a ghost town. While there certainly seem to be fewer students here, there was traffic on the Mag Quad during the 11 am class change as well as in the Benson Center.  I went through ZSR Starbucks around noon and there were still some students with noses buried in books. Perhaps they have late midterms.

Speaking of coffee places, today’s edition of the Old Gold and Black features an article one of my very favorite haunts in Winston-Salem, Camino Bakery. If your Deacs have not discovered Camino, I hope they will take the downtown shuttle there one weekend and discover it. It has a wonderful, warm, arty atmosphere. They have some tremendous food – my favorites are their tomato pie, freshly baked breads, and their almond croissant – but they should try and sample abundantly.

Your Deacs are too young to know that downtown Winston-Salem used to have very little by way of night life, bars and restaurants, and things to do. There has been a 180 degree change in the vibrancy of downtown even just in the past ten or so years. Anything we can do to support the great range of options downtown by giving them our business is a good thing in my opinion.

I am not paid to endorse Camino. I just happen to love the place. Also, Camino has a WF connection – the owner is married to a Wake alumnus and is the daughter-in-law of a faculty member.  I like supporting Wake-related places whenever I can. And the article has a really nice story about the owner finding her path and following it – both on the Camino de Santiago and in creating this great space downtown.

Isn’t that what we hope for – for ourselves and our children – to find your path in life? I hope your Deacs spend a little time each day dreaming about their path in life and looking for the signs to make it happen.


— by Betsy Chapman


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