Where Are They?

I sure hope you have ESPN U as part of your cable TV service and could watch last night’s incredible men’s basketball game. Our Deacs had not been doing well of late – hadn’t won a game since January 10th, I believe – but that all changed when we took on Boston College at the Joel.  It was a 78-44 win, which is a huge victory and probably a much needed boost to our team’s confidence. Men’s baseball is on a roll with a three win streak. Go Deacs!

2 22 16 7 Thought for today’s Daily Deac we might do a bit of a trivia. Wake Forest has a fantastic art collection, with over 1,600 works located in 35 different venues on and off campus.  I happened to pass by one of my very favorite pieces the other day – this Barbara Kruger lithograph, Savoir C’est Pouvoir (“knowledge is power,” if my French still serves).

It made me wonder if your students had ever seen this piece of art, or the others nearby. Below you’ll see Reef Passage from Paul Fournier of Canada; Noche from Spanish artist Jose Ortega; and Cove at St. Ann’s by American artist Paul King.

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Where in the world are these pieces of art hanging? Maybe your Deacs know where? If not, maybe it’s time do to a little scavenger hunt?

Bonus question: at the end of this post are three works that might be a little harder for your students to find. One is by Maud Gatewood, one by Parks Duffey, and one by a local folk artist Sam McMillan.  Where in the world are they hanging on campus?

— by Betsy Chapman

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