New MS Unveiled for Business Analytics and ‘Big Data’

There is news coming from the Business School that might be of interest to your Deacs, and I share it with great enthusiasm.  We just issued a news release on a new Master of Science in Business Analytics, which is a 10-month MS program that will begin with its first new class of students this July.

I heard our School of Business Dean, Charles Iacovou, give a presentation on this Master’s program several months back, while it was still in the design and approval process. And even though I am not a math person, this sounded like an exciting program. Dean Iacovou was telling us that “big data” is an important, emerging trend in business – and that there is a shortage of qualified employees who can analyze that big data. Seems like if this is a new, specialized market and there aren’t enough good people to fill the jobs that are out there, this could be a game changer for our graduates (probably good money in it too!)

Here’s a little more from their news release about what students in this program will do:

“Using live, real-time data from retailers, such as CVS Health and Lowes Foods, provided by our revolutionary Retail Learning Labs through the School’s Center for Retail Innovation, MSBA students will analyze large data sets, master technological skills such as data mining and predictive modeling, and formulate actionable insights to corporate partners through hands-on experiential learning. Through this blend of classroom and real-world experiences, our graduates will discern critical relationships between data and organizational performance.”

A couple points to note about this program:

“To be eligible for the MSBA program, applicants must hold or be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, mathematics, economics, computer science or liberal arts. Successful completion of coursework in calculus and statistics is required. Some programming experience is recommended but not required. Recent college graduates with limited or no full-time, post-graduate work experience are encouraged to apply.”

To find out more about the program proper, or to apply, your Deacs can visit the MSBA web site.

If you have a graduating senior who is a strong math/analytical type, this could be a really great program for him or her. Applications are open now.  Even for those of you with freshmen, sophomores, or juniors – if this sounds like something your student would have interest in, keep this in the back of your mind, or share it with your student at the appropriate time.

I am constantly amazed, impressed, and excited by the innovative programs we can come up with at Wake Forest. This could be a dream gig for some of our Deacs.

— by Betsy Chapman

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