They’re Back!

The parking lots are filled once again, so students are back! Classes don’t start until tomorrow, so I haven’t seen them outside in earnest, save for a few early morning joggers.

I wish the students had all been at the Joel lastnight for the Wake vs. NC State basketball game. It was a good game – came right down to the wire, but Wake pulled out the victory 77-74. You can read more about it online. This team is getting better and better. Gives me great hope for the ACC season.

This afternoon between 3:30-4:00, sorority bids will be given out. For those involved in the process, it tends to feel like a really big deal. For onlookers like myself, it is an interesting spectacle to watch. It typically involves lots of screaming and yelling, running a lap around the Quad, cheering, etc. I predict the Quad will be very busy around 3:30.

Even though your Deacs just got back, classes start tomorrow. A new semester, new chances. This is a time to set some goals, some new years resolutions for better behavior. Here are some suggestions, bingo card style.

— by Betsy Chapman

spring bingo




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