SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Campus is closed today (Friday 1/22) because of winter storm Jonas.  As of writing this at 9 am, we only got an inch or two of snow from overnight, and it is a needle fine snow right now. The snow is supposed to pick up throughout the day and we are predicted to get 8-12″ total, which is a big deal for little ol’ Wake Forest.

Catch your kids making snowmen and having snowball fights via the Quad Cam.  Urge them to stay off the roads and be careful if navigating by foot.  Facilities does a great job trying to clear the sidewalks, but be careful nonetheless.

Campus Dining emailed me at 9 am saying the Pit would open at 9 am and the C-store Sundry Shop in Benson would open at 11.  Yesterday Campus Dining assured me the Pit would be open breakfast, lunch, and dinner – so there are food options for your kids.  UPDATE 4 pm: the Pit and the Sundry will be closing at 7 pm tonight. Tomorrow the Pit will be opening at 9 am.

Hope you all stay safe and warm and dry and out of harm’s way during this storm.

Now I am off to spend the snow day with Class of ’27 Deac 🙂

— by Betsy Chapman

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