January 2016 Dimension of the Month: Physical Wellbeing

Month of Physical Wellbeing

The Office of Wellbeing wants to welcome back your student to 2016 by highlighting Physical Wellbeing! A new year and a new semester lends to a fresh new start to build healthy habits early on!

We understand that classes, study time, and social and extracurricular obligations can make it difficult for students to find time for exercise or simply to Move More and Often. Physical activity and exercise stimulate brain cell development, improve memory, increase focus and concentration, boost mood, and relieve stress! Besides those feel-good energy boosts that physical activity can provide, this article shows that vigorous exercise is linked with better grades in the classroom.

Encourage your student to join the group fitness classes offered by Campus Recreation. Or suggest them to go on an outdoor adventure with the variety of trips offered from Outdoor Pursuitsincluding: skiing, backpacking, rock climbing, kayaking, and many more. Or suggest your student gather their friends and create their “dream team” through our robust intramural sports or club sports groups.

Additionally, a healthy, proper, and balanced diet is key to fueling student success. Inform your student about ways they can know what’s being served each day to plan out meals and the available options by checking out Wake Forest Dining website. With a wide variety of food options, it is important to consider mindful consumption. Our campus nutritionist, Kate Ruley is a wonderful resource for students who wish to create a more balanced diet!

Activities this Month:

Move More! Move Often! Spring Program
Our spring program for  Move More! Move Often! Program has opened! Move More! Move Often! is an 8-week step challenge to encourage individuals to increase their daily physical activity using Fitbit activity trackers. The program offers new enrollees a free Fitbit, performance incentives, supplemental resources and materials, and discounts to help individuals reach their physical activity goals. We also offer daily walking groups to get your student moving more and often.  Students can apply at move.thrive.wfu.edu until January 22nd, 2016.

Grand Opening of Reynolds Gym Addition
We are excited to announce the grand opening of the Reynolds Gym Addition on January 27, 4-7pm.  This is a great opportunity to see the new facility and learn about all of the upcoming programs and offerings. If you’re in town, drop by for an evening of food, fun, and fellowship.

Bystander Intervention Training Session
As we continue to ensure that all students have the skills to keep themselves and others safe, we will again offer  Bystander Intervention Training. This training prepares students to: 1) notice events, 2) identify events as problems, 3) assume personal responsibility, 4) know how to help, and 5) Step Up! to help themselves and others in need. If you have a first-year student who did not attend last semester, we will offer these 2-hour required training sessions January 24, 25, and 26, and students can choose a focus area of mental health, alcohol, or sexual assault. These training sessions are important as we continue to build and promote a community of responsible leaders.Remind your student to sign up today!  Sessions will open for upperclass students later in the spring.

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