Blustery and Cold

Your students are not going to be enjoying the weather today, unless they are fond of cold and wind. It’s probably high 30s/low 40s but there is a very brisk wind, which makes everything feel colder.

Wandered over to the North Dining Hall for lunch and went to Bistro ’34. If your students are not eating there, they really need to treat themselves once in a while. My go-to there is always their Asian Salad with Grilled Chicken, but my dining companion had their salmon, quinoa and sweet potato salad and said it was fantastic.  Pair that with a hot cup of coffee to help brace you for the cold walk to your next destination, and you have all the makings of a fine midday experience.

Even though it is day 1 of classes, I saw plenty of students at the common area tables of North Dining Hall with books open and the appearance of doing work.

And so another semester begins…

— by Betsy Chapman

Categories: campus life

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