Report from the Field

One of the most crowded places during Finals Week is the ZSR Library.  There are many reasons to be there – books, Starbucks, librarians who can help you find sources, but also because of Wake the Library.  Wake the Library is the ZSR’s way of providing food, fun, and frivolity to break up the stress of studying.

12 10 15 soccerAnd the ZSR librarians are not the only ones who are spreading the love to studying students.  Our men’s soccer team was there a few nights ago distributing cookies.  (If you aren’t following our awesome team on Instagram, they are wakemsoccer.)

Lastnight I saw this on the ZSR Facebook page:  12 10 15 counseling fairies“The #counselingfairies are here and they are passing out snacks to keep you fueled! Thank you WFU Counseling Center!”

My inside source at the ZSR tells me that Wake the Library is serving wraps at midnight tonight (Thursday) and hot dogs tomorrow night (Friday).

As is typical of Finals Week, there are lots of people with their feet up, snoozing on seats, and wearing comfy clothes.  (I saw several people at the Late Night Breakast in pajama bottoms and sweatshirts, which was awesome).

12 10 15As the week has passed, there are gradually fewer students, but the place is far from empty.  My source said that there are lots of business exams tomorrow (Friday), so lots of students still studying.  Here’s a shot of the Atrium.

I’m also told “there are more smiling faces as the end draws near” 🙂

Study hard, Deacs.  Do your best and let it rest, as we like to say.

— by Betsy Chapman (with thanks to my inside source!)


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