Happiness Is Being a Deacon Coed – 1966

All our Deacs have departed for their Winter Break destinations and campus feels empty indeed.  I imagine that most of them arrived home tired but happy to see you, and glad to let you climb Laundry Mountain for them 🙂

As you might imagine, it can be a slow stretch for the Daily Deac with students gone from campus.  Fear not – today I bring you some pure gold from the archives.  Adam Goldstein, Dean of Students, found this booklet, “Happiness is Being a Deacon Coed” and let me scan a copy of it.

This is a booklet from 1966 that apparently was sent to all new freshmen girls to give them the scoop about life at Wake Forest.  Think of it as the prequel to “Forestry 101.”

If you want to get a sense of how things used to be many, many moons ago, this is a fun read.  Happiness Is a WF Coed Happiness Is Being a Deacon Coed

— by Betsy Chapman

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