Men’s Soccer Is #1

The NCAA Tournament bracket came out for men’s soccer – and we are seeded #1.  Our Deacs will play this Sunday at Spry Stadium at 1 pm; they will face the winner of the Radford-Charlotte game on Thursday.  There’s a nice video with reaction to the #1 seeding and remarks from Coach Muuss.

One of the things he talked about was how vital our community is to this team, and how much our support means to the players and the coaches.  So if your Deac has not yet been to a soccer game, I hope he/she considers attending this one.  Spry Stadium is a great venue, and there is something that feels so collegiate and exciting to sit out in the chilly fall air and cheer on the Deacs.  Our men’s soccer team is such fun to watch – fast as lightning and really in sync with each other.  They move the ball with what looks like effortless skill and grace.  I know it is a ton of effort, but our Deacs make it look easy.

The best part is at the end when the Deacs win:  our players jump up to greet the fans that sit on the hill between Polo Road and the stadium, and then the guys run the length of the stands and high five anyone who sticks their hands down through the railings.  I can tell you that my Class of ’27 soccer-loving son thinks there is nothing cooler than being able to high five our guys. [I might think so, too :)]

Go Deacs!

— by Betsy Chapman



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