Five Senses of Farrell

I was out yesterday for Veteran’s Day, but belated thank you to all of those in the larger Deac family who have served or are serving our country, and especially to our ROTC alumni.

On today’s menu: the Five Senses of Farrell, as seen between 9:30-10:30 am today.

I see…

– About 3/4 of the tables and sofa groups are spoken for.  Because I am just that kind of a nerd, I was counting the distribution of people.  11 tables/seating groups had just one person seated; 4 tables had 2 people each; 2 tables had 3 people each; 3 tables had a group of 4; 1 table was a group of 5.

– Most of the tables had students clearly working – open laptops, open books, writing in notebooks.  There were a few with people eating breakfast.

– Attire erred on the side of ‘student’ (read: jeans and t-shirts) vs. professional dress.  You could spot the couple of MA in Management students who were in bow ties and jackets or nice dresses.

– What appeared to be a class of some sort taking place just outside by the fire pit.  There was a woman who I assume is a professor who seemed to be talking to some of the students at tables inside and moving them outside.  She had papers in her hand and looked to be leading a discussion.  It looked like a fun class anyway.

– One male student walking through the center of the Farrell Living Room reading what looked to be a paper or a homework.  My guess is this was a final read before turning it in.

– The shimmering of the air that comes from the fire pit.  You know how you can see heat as it rolls off a fire in waves?  That’s what I saw through the window.

– In the distance, students walking in and out of Magnolia, Dogwood, or the North Dining Hall.  From my seat I have a clear view all the way out the window wall.

– One Einstein’s staff member coming out to say hello to  a table of students.  Must be regulars.


I hear…

– The crinkly paper that bagels are wrapped in at Einsteins and the bags they are stored in.  This sound is repeated over and over while I am there.

– Doors opening and closing.

– High heels across the floor making a clip clop sound.

– A few coughs [it is that time of year].

– Not a lot of sound.  It’s pretty quiet – either because students aren’t quite awake, or because they are being deferential to those studying.  There is a group of 4 students at a table pretty near me and all I can hear is indistinct talking.

– The scooting of wooden chairs scraping across the floor as people sit down or get up to leave.

– Calling out of people’s names as their Einsteins orders are ready.  And the beep of the microwave.

– A few snippets of conversation as students pass directly by me.  “Change of plans…” – “See you later, buddy” – “It’s just like keeping up with class…

– The zipping of backpacks.


I smell…

– Toasted bagels.  (Heavenly and comforting).

– Coffee.

– The odd whiff of hazelnut coffee when someone walks by me.


I feel…

– The cool, smooth, tabletop.

– Not much more than that.  I am far enough away from the doors that I don’t feel any cool breeze as they open and close.


I taste…

– An absolutely scrumptious pumpkin bagel.  For real, if you have Einstein’s Bagels near you and you haven’t tried a pumpkin bagel, it is a delightful combo of sweet and savory at once.


So there’s your Five Senses, Deac families.  Whenever I do these, I like to imagine I am seeing all your kids and can bring you a happy report that they all look good and they are working hard as well as having a few laughs with friends.

— by Betsy Chapman

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