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This message came to my inbox yesterday from our Center for Global Programs and Studies.  There are opportunities to apply to our WFU Houses in London, Venice, and Vienna – and some reflections from students currently abroad.

Study abroad is something I always encourage my advisees (and any other students I have the chance to meet with) to consider.  Going to another country for a semester expands your mind exponentially and you learn things about yourself, about other cultures, and you make memories that last a lifetime.  Even if you are a P’19 of a first-year student, it is not too soon to encourage your son or daughter to consider whether an abroad experience is something to work towards and plan for.

Read some of the reflections from students below and see their experience in their own words.  It makes me miss my own days in the WFU Dijon program.

— by Betsy Chapman


Interested in spending summer or fall 2016 abroad?  Make your appointment today!
Although application deadlines for most programs are not until after winter break, it is in your best interest to apply for study abroad early!  If you are interested in going abroad this summer or next fall, stop by 116 Reynolda Hall or call 336.758.5938 to schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor today.


Study Abroad Fall 2016 with WFU in Dijon

Dijon, France
Professor Veronique McNelly, French
Subjects Offered: FRH & ART
4 semesters of French language study or equivalent required.


WFU Houses are still taking applications for Fall 2016

WFU LONDON: WORRELL HOUSE – Professor Omaar Hena, English

WFU VENICE: CASA ARTOM – Professor Remi Lanzoni, Film & Interdisciplinary Studies

WFU VIENNA: FLOW HOUSE – Professor Tina Boyer, German

Spending Spring 2016 Abroad?


The optional course takes place during your semester abroad for 1 credit P/F. This course helps you maximize immersion and exposure to different aspects of the host culture.  A mixture of interactive activities and reflections on your experiences, it is designed to help you develop a deeper understanding of the culture in which you are living. Email Andrew Smith to enroll.


Meet the WFU Global Abroad Ambassadors

Want to know what life is like as a student abroad? Speak to one of our Global Abroad Ambassadors. Ambassadors have studied abroad on WFU-approved programs. For a full list of Ambassadors click here.



 Florence, Italy (Syracuse U) | PRE-MED, CHM, & SOC

 Why did you go abroad?
I decided to go abroad for many reasons. First and foremost was that I had always wanted to get to Italy, and I saw this as a perfect opportunity. I’m going to be taking classes anyway, so why not take them abroad? I could use this to multitask my education and learn not only what I was getting from lectures, but also a whole different kind of education, one of culture and an increase in global awareness and worldview.  

Favorite Memory
My roommate and I had sat through a couple of really awkward, near silent dinners with our host mom when we decided something needed to be done. So before the usual call of “Ragazze, pronto,” we came up with a list of conversation topics, as well as a plan to ask her if she wanted to play cards with us after dinner (because we had noticed her playing solitaire after dinner). The conversations went extremely well, and afterwards we taught her how to play Rummy, and after a couple of games, she was crushing us both. 

Advice for Deacs Abroad
Don’t be afraid. There are a lot of mistakes to be made, and there are a lot of things that you’ll do wrong, but just remember that every single thing you do is a learning experience and every moment is going to be worth it. So don’t sit inside talking to your friends from back home, because you know that there’s a small window of time in which to talk to them due to the time difference. They’ll still be there when you get home. You won’t have any stories to tell them if you don’t go out and make memories.  


Dijon, France (WFU) | FRH & SOC

What was the funniest or biggest mistake that you made abroad?
It was just before I left. As I was packing my suitcase, my host dad asked me “Ça pèse combien?” (how much does it weigh?) but I heard “Tu pèse combien?” (how much do YOU weigh?). Thinking the question odd but not wanting to appear rude by not answering, I told him. My host dad cried “Mais c’est enorme!” (but that’s ENORMOUS!) and “Tu ne pourras pas voler!” (you won’t be able to fly!). It was then that I realized he must have originally meant the suitcase, and with mild embarrassment we finally cleared up the misunderstanding.

Favorite Place in Dijon
I was very partial to the street I lived on, Rue de Godrans. It had several cute shops, a restaurant that I frequented, and a bakery that sold very nice desserts. My friends and I would often go there for an afternoon snack of macarons (we decided we would try to eat 1000 of them between the four of us over the course of the semester; we only managed maybe a fourth of that) which we ate at a park also on Rue de Godrans. 

Favorite Food
My host mom used to make this amazing dish that my roommate and I considered the Italian version of scalloped potatoes. It was potatoes, cheese, béchamel, and speck (a kind of Italian bacon) layered together and baked. It was the ultimate comfort food. 

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