Throwback Thursday

It’s Throwback Thursday, and here are some pics from the archive back in 1999.  Some fun facts:

Wake Forest University commencement ceremonies, May 1999, featuring Cardinal Arrinze as speaker.

– Our Commencement speaker was Cardinal Francis Arinze

Wake Forest University Founders Day ceremonies, February 1999, with speaker Wole Soyinka. The opening of the new Mackie Student Health Center.

– The Student Health Service moved from its former home in Kitchin Hall to its present location in Reynolds Gym

10 9 15 no arch– There was no arch on the entrance to the Quad, and the Quad was not yet renamed Hearn Plaza (in honor of the late President Hearn)

10 9 15 dorm– And here is a fun shot of what a residence hall room looked like back in the day (yes denim comforters were all the rage!)

— by Betsy Chapman

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