Fall Break

Not surprisingly, it is a very quiet day on campus.  None of the normal hustle and bustle on the :50th of each hour as classes change.  Parking is a breeze – everything’s empty.  Here are the only real signs of activity I have seen in a couple of brief forays outside:

– a handful of our ROTC cadets, all decked out in camo, presumably returning from a training activity

– one solitary student walking towards Farrell Hall in shorts and a hoodie, headphones on

– one jogger on campus

Your Deacs, if they are here, were sleeping late this morning.  This was a strange morning, too: there was a very pretty sky with lots of pastel pink and orange, and while it was only slightly overcast (and you could see plenty of clear sky), it sprinkled rain.

10 16 15 quad camIt’s been an interesting sky all day, actually.  Not completely dark, nor is it ever sunny.  It’s layered like a trifle.  Here’s a snap from the Quad Cam.

If your Deacs ventured home for the [very short] break, do not be surprised if they spend far more time sleeping than you would care for, or if they are making you climb what I always refer to as “Laundry Mountain,” or if they are trying to eat you out of house and home.  They’ve just finished midterms and are tired.  Give them that extra TLC and enjoy your time with them.

— by Betsy Chapman

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