Crunchy Leaves

Today was a warm day, but there was a breeze.  The leaves have started falling to the ground and when the wind blows them across the concrete sidewalks or pavement, you hear the telltale scratchy sounds of fall.  It is a good sound.

10 9 15 4 Lots of activity on campus as we prep for the Brad Paisley concert.  I will spare you pictures of the tons of portojohns that are being lined up around the Mag Quad, but trust me they are there.  Instead, at the end are some shots I took today of the trees changing colors.  This one right here is my favorite perch on the Quad – these tables near the Deacon Shop.

Also seen around the Mag Quad was lots and lots of chalkings on the sidewalks.  They ranged from advertisements to get involved in Project Pumpkin (and I am shamefully biased here – everyone should get involved!), to motivational/supportive quotes from DORaK (Do Random Acts of Kindness), to a lot of Biblical quotes.  I couldn’t get a lot of pics of the sidewalk because I was in that area right as class was changing 10 9 15 1and there was a ton of foot traffic, but I got this one.

With the good weather, there were plenty of students dining al fresco, either at the tables outside the Benson Food Court or in the outside tables for Shorty’s.  I will say that the South of the Border burger at Shorty’s today was absolutely delicious.

As with every Friday, give your kids a call and tell them you love them.  Ask them about their day, tell them about yours.  Reach out and make that connection.

Double bonus points for any of our Deac families observing Black and Gold Friday.  It makes me happy to think you are out there in your WFU finery across the nation.

— by Betsy Chapman

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