I had a very different blog post ready to go for today – one of those ‘your Deacs should take advantage of this opportunity’ posts – but I got an email over the weekend that made me rethink it.  This email was about someone facing adversity with grace and dignity – so instead today I want to talk about courage.

It’s midsemester – and it would be normal for our students to be stressing out or struggling with something.  Could be a big something, could be a small something.

Could be fretting about a midterm, or a project, or whether they can actually pass a class.  Could be angst about still not knowing what to declare as a major. Could be a worry about a parent or sibling.  Could be they are facing a medical issue, or someone they love is.  Could be about trying to find a job.  It could be a million things.

Point is, we all have moments in life when we are facing something tough that requires courage.  And in those moments, if you open up to the people around you, more often than not you will find sympathy, a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on.

So for anyone facing something difficult, trust your friends and loved ones and people who can help, and have courage.  Here are a few quotes I particularly liked on that subject.  If you think your Deacs need a dose of courage – feel free to share one of these.

— by Betsy Chapman

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