CEO of Habitat for Humanity speaking at 6 pm

We try to talk about (and live out) our Pro Humanitate motto in many different ways on campus.  We also try to expose our students to national and international thought leaders on a variety of topics.  Having access to big ideas from recognized leaders can be the thing that lights the flame of inspiration in one of our students.

Tonight they have access to this kind of big name speaker and university initiatve on leadership.

Pass this along to your Deacs if you see fit.

–by Betsy Chapman

On Tuesday, October 20 at 6pm in Brendle Recital Hall, Wake Forest will welcome Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity as part of The Leadership Project. This initiative is designed to champion leadership development and to bring students inspiring stories from leaders who represent a variety of professional paths.

Reckford will offer insight into his personal experiences and what has shaped his leadership philosophy through a conversation with President Hatch. Attendees will also be invited to ask questions from the audience and from twitter as part of the experience.

Visit to find out more about the Leadership Project and Jonathan Reckford.


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