A Beautiful Fall Day

10 6 15 quadThe sun is out today and it was a cool and lovely fall morning as I walked to Benson to get my flu shot.  Speaking of flu shots, the on-campus clinic for students is tomorrow; details here.

10 6 15 quad3The maples near Reynolda Hall are just starting to redden right at the tops.  The Quad grass is green and lush – hopefully the sun will dry it so students can take their books outside and read in the grass.

10 6 15 quad2Now that the weather is better, students can enjoy the activity carts on the Quad, which are filled with board games, balls, frisbees, and other goodies.

10 6 15 quad 1Campus Grounds was advertising this morning – didn’t realize they run from dawn until well past midnight.  That’s a great place for students to relax, study, visit with friends.  Plus your students are supporting a local, student-led effort.

— By Betsy Chapman


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