Tuesday Walkabout

Had some early meetings at the center of campus today.  Here’s what I was seeing:

9 22 15 quad– very grey skies; it’s blustery and cool, with a little bit of mist from time to time

9 22 15 ed– sign outside the ZSR Library advertising Mr. Wake Forest himself, Dr. Ed Wilson (’43), provost emeritus and professor emeritus of English, who will be speaking on Thursday. Every school has a legendary professor or two.  Ed Wilson is that person for graduates between the 50s and the late 90s, I’d guess.  Your students should go hear him.

– virtually NO ONE in ZSR Starbucks at 9:45 am.  If your students are looking for a short-line time to get their java on at the ZSR, this could be it.  Tons of seats available downstairs.  I did run into a student I knew and it sounds like things are going well so far this semester (always good to hear!)

– lots of students in coats and long sleeves.  It isn’t super cold temperature-wise, but the mist cuts right through you.

In terms of what I was hearing:

– Intermittent students coughing.  There’s been chatter of students being sick (I’ve heard colds as well as mono).

– Grumbling about exams (or multiple exams) this week.

Couple of final notes:

– ARAMARK/Campus Dining has asked me to pass on this reminder: ” if your student is getting low on Food Dollars, they can visit our website at www.wakeforest.campusdish.com to add more, or call Charlotte Lindsey at336-758-5607.”

– Last day to drop a class is September 29th.

– Gametime for the WFU-Florida State game on Saturday 10/3 (Family Weekend) is set for 3:30.  That’ll make it a perfect segue from the game to dinner.

And as a reminder, if your student is on a hall or in a suite with someone whose family can’t come to Family Weekend for whatever reason (could be an international student, a family far away in the US, some other conflict preventing parents from attending, etc.) – please consider adopting that student for Family Weekend events.  Happiness never decreases from being shared.

— by Betsy Chapman


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