Puppies and Popsicles Wednesday, Greenwich Event Friday

I am on the Volunteer Service Corps listserv, and got a happy email yesterday about an event tomorrow.  One of the toughest adjustments for some college students is the lack of pets.  If you grew up with a dog or a cat (or any other beloved family pet), once you get to college and you can’t have that pet around, it can be really hard.  You get dog-starved (or cat-starved), and when you see someone walking a dog on campus, for example, you make a beeline for said dog.

woof forestThankfully, there is a group on campus called Woofforest and they are here to provide that dog fix.  This Wednesday from 12-3 pm, Woofforest will be on the Mag Quad for Puppies and Popsicles.  $1 for a popsicle and/or $1 for a puppy kiss.  (Seems cheap at twice the price in my humble opinion).  So if some canine therapy is just what the doctor would order for your Deac, he or she should head to the Mag Quad tomorrow with some singles.

The Volunteer Service Corps also has a Google Doc of all the volunteer organizations on campus, so interested students can see what is available in terms of service opportunities and can contact the appropriate chair to get involved.  It’s never too late to find a place and a way to live our Pro Humanitate motto and serve humanity.

So that’s for the students.  Now here’s something for you.  We try to let parents and families know of events in their area.  This Friday evening from 6:00-8:00 pm we are hosting a reception for parents in the Greenwich, CT area.  Our amazing provost, Rogan Kersh (’86), is going to be there and you will really enjoy hearing from him and meeting other local Deac parents.  We’d love to see you there, so please register to attend now!

Another glorious weather day here – closer to the mid 80s but sunny and delightful.  See for yourself on the Quad Cam.

— by Betsy Chapman


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