Mother So Drear

We just closed out on the rainiest Homecoming weekend that I can recall in my 16+ years as a staffer.  It started raining late last week and it continued virtually uninterrupted all weekend.  The rain puttered into a fine mist at points, but we hadn’t seen any sun at all.  I’d hoped we’d be able to get a good look at the blood moon/eclipse lastnight but it stayed cloudy and dreary the whole time.

The forecast does not look great as of this moment for Family Weekend either – so keep your eye on the weather and pack accordingly.  I suspect the alumni here for Homecoming might have cleaned the Deacon Shop out of parkas and waterproof gear – so you may wish to have yours handy.

A couple of announcements of note:

  1. tomorrow (Tuesday 9/29) is the last day to drop a class.  Your Deacs need to move fast if they plan to drop anything.
  2. the Office of Academic Advising sent out an email to all freshmen about the drop date and some other check ins.
  3. the Learning Assistance Center is hosting a “Study Smarter, Not Harder” workshop the first week of October.

You can keep an eye on the weather at the Quad Cam.  Please note in the bottom left of the screen, one of our maples is starting to come into its color.  This skyline is going to get exponentially prettier in the weeks to come – if we can get rid of this rain.

— by Betsy Chapman

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