Warm With Gentle Breezes

My P’92 mom is fond of saying the best weather is “warm with gentle breezes,” and that is what your Deacs are getting on this fine Monday.  Around midday I was on the south side of campus for the 11;50 am class change, and it was just delightful outside.  I felt bad for those Deacs who were clearly hustling to their next class, because it was so mild and wonderful outside.  Hopefully they’ll get back out later and soak up some vitamin D.

For parents of sophomores through seniors, you may not be aware that the OPCD (Office of Personal and Career Development) has a new tool at your students’ disposal.  Their old professional platform, DeaconSource, is no longer being used.  It’s been replaced by a new technology called Handshake.  The OPCD is encouraging students to create and update their Handshake profiles, as this can greatly benefit them in their internship/job search and personal development.

From my source in the OPCD, I am told that as a way to spark student interest, their office created a spoof of the Cortez Lewis “Handshake” video (if you hadn’t seen the original video of our redshirt freshman and his impressive handshaking, here it is).  The OPCD Handshake video is online – it is a parody your students might enjoy.  And if your students haven’t gotten to know the OPCD Handshake, urge them to do so.

There are many arrows in the WFU quiver of experiences/resources/services at your students’ fingertips.  The more they use, the more likely they will have the best experience and the best results.

A few pics below.  Lots of puffy clouds, occasionally one would be gray.  But this weather is darn near perfect.

— by Betsy Chapman

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