This Isn’t On Any Syllabus, But Should Be

Move-In Week is here!  Wow, where did the summer go?  Some of our ’19s have already been arriving to take part in Pre-Orientation programs, but the bulk of the families will be moving in this Friday.  If you are a new family and you missed the special Move-In edition of the Wake Parents and Families e-newsletter, here it is.  Read it – lots of good info.

Whether you are a new parent or parent of a senior, this article might be of interest.  As your students head to (or back to) campus, they will soon encounter moments where they are going to be thinking about their academic classes, grades, GPAs, majors, etc.  All of that is good stuff and the primary reason to be in college, no doubt.

But there is another kind of learning that is just as important, though it may not be on any of their class syllabi – and that is Emotional Intelligence (EI).  EI can have a tremendous impact on a person’s effectiveness – at work, at home, in personal relationships, etc.

This article from LinkedIn talks about Emotional Intelligence and why it is a key to success.  So if you and your Deac have been talking mostly about academic life as you get ready for Move-In, encourage him/her to also think about growing his/her Emotional Intelligence.  A simple Google search will turn up other articles and books about EI.  So if this is a new concept for your Deac, perhaps it would be good in the few days you have left at home to gently introduce this concept and plant the seed.

— by Betsy Chapman

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