Summer Management Program

As the first session of summer school closes down, there is a program that you may not know about that bears highlighting.  It’s our Summer Management Program (affectionately referred to for years as ‘business boot camp for non-business majors’).  It is a program for students who are majoring in anything other than business and it is designed to give an intensive look into business concepts and skills.

In my role as an academic adviser, I see a lot of students who think they want to major in business, and something along the way changes their mind.  It could be that one of the three prerequisite classes (Math 111, Economics 150, and Accounting 111) do not agree with them, or it could be that their overall GPA is not as competitive as the rest of the applicant pool, or it may be that they don’t want to commit to two full years of mostly business classes (whereas on the liberal arts side, there is a lot more room to explore other classes and areas of interest).

Sometimes these changed-their-minds-about-business-school students feel regret that they can’t follow their original path, others are relieved.  Many still want to dip a toe in the business pond and learn something about business – and that’s where this program comes in.  It is a wonderful choice for students who aren’t ready, willing, or able to commit to a business major, but want to learn the basics and have a solid working knowledge of business concepts.

There is a news story online about the Summer Management Program – well worth your read (or your student’s) if this might be a class worth exploring.

— by Betsy Chapman

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