New Starbucks!

Today I got my first look at the redesign of Starbucks, now blessedly open after what felt like a long long closure.  The architecture of the place is the same, but the style of chairs and tables is new.  Gone are the big banquette seats on the lower level, replaced with tables, including a long, high table near the entrance.

The upstairs is really spiffy.  A nice new shade of deep green on the walls, new artwork (and some former paintings remained).  The upper level seating is a definite improvement in my humble opinion: very comfortable leather chairs, as well as tables.  In the back nook of the upstairs, the somewhat awkward bench seating has been replaced by tables.

I predict your students will like it.  And that I will never see Starbucks that empty again, save for winter break 🙂

The ZSR is also sporting a new banner at the entrance, welcoming the new ZSR dean, Tim Pyatt.

T-minus 20 days until Move-In for the new freshmen.  Wow.

— by Betsy Chapman

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